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Cheese Gift Ideas

Cheese pleases many: kids love it, adults love it, people from all walks of life love it. If there’s a cheese lover on your holiday gift list, here are a few ideas for some “cheesy” gifts – and if they’re nice, maybe they will share! The Wisconsin Cheeseman ( is a family-owned business in the […]

Cherry Coke Memories

As a young teenager I have fond memories of wandering down to the corner drug store after school. A fountain with a horseshoe shaped counter and three booths sat at the back of the store. There we indulged in soda, ice cream and numerous combinations of flavored colas. Cherry, chocolate, and vanilla were the favorite’s […]

Characteristics of a Good Bartender

“Hey there! How ya doin’? What can I get for ya?”  This simple opening line separates the great bartenders from the good bartenders. It helps determine whether you are getting a great tip or a good tip. It also lays the footwork for a repeat customer who loves the great service. It is my philosophy […]

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Cake Recipes

The Joy of FriendshipBest friends deserve your best desserts.But what if they’re arriving in just 15 minutes? No problem! surprise them with this everyday sweet snack that takes just minutes to prepare but tastes like your spent hours in the kitchen. Start with a Sara Lee All Butter Pound Cake Classic Strawberry Shortcake Ingredients:1 cup […]

Chai History and Information

Chai is a spicy-sweet milky tea beverage extremely popular in India. This centuries old beverage has been discovered by western nations and they are making it their own. Masala chai began as an ancient Hindu natural healing method, for the practice of ayurveda which uses herbs, spices and sweeteners to heal the body. Masala chai […]

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Best Restaurants for Seniors in Hanover Pa

Hanover, Pennsylvania is a quaint small town where I have lived for the past seven years. Named after Hanover, Germany, it is located in south central Pennsylvania just five miles north of the Mason-Dixon line, and approximately seventeen miles southeast of Gettysburg. While the town itself has over fourteen thousand residents, the Greater Hanover area […]

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Benefits of a Healthy Diet for Children

The benefits a child gains from a healthy diet are numerous. Proper nutrition is vital to every aspect of development in a growing child. Vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fats and fiber all play a role in how a child’s body develops and functions. From the time children transition from breast milk to more solid foods, […]

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Breakfast Museli

Breakfast is regarded as the most essential meal of the day, so what could be a better way to begin than by having a bowl of your own, home-made, healthy and nutritious muesli. A simple method of making your own museli and enjoying a quick and easy breakfast. All the ingredients should be readily available […]

Blueberry Recipes

Blueberry season is just around the corner. They are delicious alone, but versatile enough to be used in a variety of recipes and with other fruits.  Start your day off by energizing with a simple blueberry shake: 1 cup milk ¼-1/2 cup blueberries 1 small ripe banana Ice (to your liking) 1 scoop of vanilla […]

Apple Cake

When my children were growing up, my son, would bring home books  from the school library for me to read . One particular one was “THE HOMECOMING”. about the Walton’s. The children in this story walked to Ike’s store for the sugar for a cake. They  cracked black walnuts in the barn for Olivia’s Apple Cake and talked […]