A Recovering PC Gamers Story

My name is Timothy and I would consider myself to be a recovering PC gamer. Just a few weeks back I was so passionate about PC gaming that there is no way that I would ever have believed that I might feel any other way about it. Although not many PC gamers would agree with what I have to say, I now feel that PC gaming is on the way out. I now feel that my thoughts on PC gaming just a few weeks back were a bit delusional and naive because now I feel as though I am in the real world.

So how could my views on PC gaming change so dramatically? In truth I really do think that it was not so much a case of me loving the PC game so much but actually denying that the console game was really good. I finally came to the realization that the PC game couldn’t hold a candle to the console game I felt so much relief; I think I was always aware of this but just couldn’t admit it to myself. The reason this is so easy to do is because PC gamers tend to stick together in their opinion that console games are no good. But I am now of the opinion that PC gaming is the one that is naff and not console gaming.

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