A Review Of The Best Weber Grills Available Today

More than likely, if you barbecue on a regular basis, you have probably owned at least one Weber grill. A very innovative company, Weber has been in business since the 1950s and continues to make quality products that keep up with the times. This article will discuss a few of their best models that they have available today.

If you and your family prefer that great charcoal smoked flavor of BBQ, Weber’s 18.5 inch Freestanding Charcoal Smoker – Weber 721001 – will give you exactly what your taste buds are craving. You can search and search, but if you crave that great smoky taste in your BBQ, this solidly built, simple to operate Weber grill can’t be beat. If you have several people to feed and need to prepare a LOT of food, don’t despair because the “Smokey” has sufficient room to cook just about anything. If moist and tender meat is your goal, the “Smokey” has a steel water pan that steams your meat as it cooks, making it “fork tender.” The Smokey Mountain Cooker, which sells for about $350, is a grill that combines tradition with innovation, and comes with a limited 10 year warranty.

If you are searching for a grill that can fit in a small area, the Weber 526001 Q-140 Electric Barbeque Grill is the one for you. You don’t have to worry about propane or charcoal, you only plug it into any outlet and it’s ready to go. This portable grill comes with 189 square inches of cooking area. You will be able to cook any of your favorite vegetables or meats on this grill although it is very small. The reason you would want to get this grill is that there are some places that prevent the use of charcoal or gas grills The Q-140 Electric Barbeque Grill, selling at under $300, is a bargain.

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