A Solid Tooth Care Program Always Starts at Home

We all understand that taking good care of our teeth is important. After all you only have one set of them and they need to last for your whole life. If you are fortunate, then your parents taught you at an early age and made sure you received proper dental care every year. All the same, it is easy to find out the most important information out there and turn it into good habits. You will find that even the most basic healthy approaches will help with your teeth, mouth and gums. You will want to focus on your teeth but the story is more involved than that. Healthy gums and good mouth care habits will give you teeth their best chance.

Have you learned how to tell tooth plaque apart from tartar? Plaque forms when bacteria establish themselves along your gum line. If you cannot remove the plaque completely it will harden and turn into tartar. Tartar is the more advanced condition and is a lot harder to brush away. Your teeth are more affected by tartar’s presence.

Use a toothpaste that is healthy and contains anti-tartar ingredients. You already know that it is important to brush your teeth twice a day but it is important that you hold back on the pressure because too much pressure is bad for your gum lines.

Whenever you are visiting your dentist, take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions. There really isn’t any better source in terms of proper information about the care of your teeth and gums. For example, ask your dentist about the best toothbrush to use, and should you use a hard or soft bristle brush. Sadly, hard bristled brushes can be bad for the gums. Not only that but if you press down too hard when you use a toothbrush with that hard of bristles is that you might cause your gum line to recede prematurely. The process takes time, to be sure, but even if you are young it can happen to you. When gums recede they expose parts of your teeth not used to exposure which causes them to be very sensitive.

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