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Helpful Tips when Eating out with Kids

Even children who eat everything you put in front of them at home may experience a Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde transition and turn into an incredibly picky eater when you arrive at a restaurant.  Children like what they are familiar with and a sudden unrecognizable display of chicken divan may be all it takes to […]

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Health Benefits of Vietnamese Cuisine

With the myriad of culinary choices in today’s dining scene, a typical consumer who is in the mood for Asian food must face selecting Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Thai to name a few of the top popular specialties. However, still in what I like to refer to as its “budding stages” in mainstream American dining, […]

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Health Benefits of various Herbal Teas

Drinking herbal tea has great health benefits including helping you heal a number of ailments.  The many flavors of herbal teas can help heal your body and increase energy, promote better sleep, enhance weight loss, and even cure stomach aches.  To learn about the various herbal teas available and how drinking herbal tea can heal […]

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Halloween Drinks Vampires

If you are planning a Halloween party, you might like to serve some cocktails that start the blood flowing to please your vampire guests. Here are some vampire cocktail recipes that will start some serious neck biting. But remember, these cocktails contain alcohol and are for adults only! ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Halloween Vampire Cocktail #1 – Bloody Vampire 3 ounces Captain […]

Grated Cheese Versus Sliced Cheese

I shouldn’t really eat cheese at all, because I’m watching my weight. Yes, I know there are low fat cheeses on the market, but most of them taste like rubber – if indeed they taste of anything. I’d rmuch rather have a small portion of mature Cheddar than a large portion of tasteless low fat gunk, […]

Frozen Prawns Raw Cleaning Defrosting De Veining Preparation Scampi

Frozen prawns are a chef’s delight. Buy frozen prawns and treat your family to a fresh, safe, and tasty meal. Don’t bother with prawns that have been defrosted prior to purchase. They just don’t compare in terms of freshness.  Four points to keep in mind when preparing frozen prawns are selection, defrosting, cleaning and recipes. Selection: Always buy your frozen prawns from […]

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Foods associated with Litha

Litha is a Pagan holiday and is also known as Summer Solstice. Litha is usually celebrated on the 21st of June. This holiday takes place on the longest day of the year and is a time to honor the pregnant Goddess and the Sun God. It is also the time to celebrate the first harvest. […]

Favorite Bbq Recipes

BBq’s are the pinicle of outdoor eating, most people believe that you can only do chicken, burgers and may be a few sausages on the bbq, and then you have the more adventures amoung us who will venture to if it fits on the bbq i’ll cook it.I remember moving into this house and having […]

Eggs Fresh

One egg looks like the other from the outside, so how to be sure which one is fresh and which one should be put in the bin so that you won‘t get salmonella poisoning, a disease you shouldn‘t take lightly, it may give you diarrhoea or constipation, headaches, stomach cramps, nausea, fever and/or blood in […]

Eating out with Kids Parenting

Every now and then it is fun to break away from the house and eat out with the kids. Dining out can be a pleasurable dream of culinary experience.  Yet it also has the potential to turn into a nightmare of impatient screaming and food tossing that can make someone want to crawl under the […]