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Eggs Fresh

One egg looks like the other from the outside, so how to be sure which one is fresh and which one should be put in the bin so that you won‘t get salmonella poisoning, a disease you shouldn‘t take lightly, it may give you diarrhoea or constipation, headaches, stomach cramps, nausea, fever and/or blood in […]

Eating out with Kids Parenting

Every now and then it is fun to break away from the house and eat out with the kids. Dining out can be a pleasurable dream of culinary experience.  Yet it also has the potential to turn into a nightmare of impatient screaming and food tossing that can make someone want to crawl under the […]

Do you have a Recipe for Damson and Apple Tansy

This is a traditional Northern English recipe that originates in the beautiful Lake District. It takes its name from a bitter-sweet herb called tansy that has been used since the middle ages. Recipes like custards and mousses often contained this herb and so were called ‘tansies’. Tansy was included in foods because of it helped […]

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Decaffeinated Instant Coffee

Those who read my reviews regularly probably know that I am a coffee addict. I am lucky that I have low blood pressure so I can drink it without having a very high blood pressure. My highest is still normal. Anyway the other day I went to Sainsbury’s and I found that Carte Noire instant […]

Choosing a better Beer

Choosing a beer is an easy proposition for some people – grab a favorite or familiar brand, open, pour, and enjoy. There might come a time, however, that you feel the urge to get adventurous and try something new. Out of almost nowhere it seems, the beer aisle has become filled with a variety of […]

Chocolate Flavored Drinks Creamy Icy Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic

The simplest chocolate recipe you will ever learn is something a six-year-old can do, if there is a step stool handy:  chocolate milk.  Pour a glass of cold, fresh cow’s milk, preferably whole-fat, not to the brim and not as high as you would pour it if you were drinking it unenhanced.  Squirt in chocolate […]

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Cheese Gift Ideas

Cheese pleases many: kids love it, adults love it, people from all walks of life love it. If there’s a cheese lover on your holiday gift list, here are a few ideas for some “cheesy” gifts – and if they’re nice, maybe they will share! The Wisconsin Cheeseman ( is a family-owned business in the […]

Cherry Coke Memories

As a young teenager I have fond memories of wandering down to the corner drug store after school. A fountain with a horseshoe shaped counter and three booths sat at the back of the store. There we indulged in soda, ice cream and numerous combinations of flavored colas. Cherry, chocolate, and vanilla were the favorite’s […]

Benefits of a Healthy Diet for Children

The benefits a child gains from a healthy diet are numerous. Proper nutrition is vital to every aspect of development in a growing child. Vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fats and fiber all play a role in how a child’s body develops and functions. From the time children transition from breast milk to more solid foods, […]

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Bad Buffets

Ah, the buffet. Ever popular and still growing in fame (or infamy, since with the growth of popularity also comes growing waistlines), buffets are a haven for those gluttonous souls who just can’t get enough for their buck. And, if eating as much as you possibly can is your goal, then go for it. Gorge […]