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How Carbonated Beverages Lead to Heart Disease

Carbonated beverages have been linked to heart disease. Research has shown that drinking more than one soft drink a day could increase the factors that lead to heart disease. With the consumption of one or more soft drinks daily the consumer has an increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome. What is metabolic syndrome? This is […]

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Egg Muffins Made Easy

A breakfast that can be quick and easy and if done correctly prepared ahead of time would be Egg Muffins. Here is an easy thing for the children to heat and serve quickly on there way out to school or for you to heat and head to work on. As we know we should never […]

Eating Sushi is an Expereince

Sushi is an experience rather than a meal itself. For a beginner, the thought can be quite daunting, especially if the menus contain no descriptions as to what each piece of sushi contains. But one of the best ways to enjoy sushi for the first time is to go with a sushi veteran, and having […]

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Eating Cheap at Restaurants

Five Tips On Saving At Restaurants Times are difficult with the way our economy is now, and one of the top items that are cut out of the budget has been eating out.   If one took a moment to find some fantastic deals, then eating out can even be cheaper than cooking at home.  Plus, […]

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Eggs the Perfect Diet Food

Eggs have been consumed by many over the globe for a long period of time. However, over the years, the consumption of eggs has gotten conflicting reports from different bodies in regards to nutritional value and safety. At one point, it was revealed that they raise LDL cholesterol. However, in recent times the American Heart […]

Do you have a Recipe for London particular Pea Soup

This recipe may seem to have a very strange name, but it is basically a recipe for a bacon and pea soup that gets its name from the dreadful fogs that used to cover the City of London. In London of Victorian times and at the height of the industrial all the smoke from the […]

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Diet Soft Drinks vs Water

These two are poles apart on the health spectrum. Water’s up at the top, and the diet soft drinks are at the very, very bottom. Diet soft drinks are an unnecessary evil. We don’t need to drink artificially-sweetened, fizzy, colored water which is, essentially, what diet soft drinks are. Diet soft drinks do little to […]

Characteristics of a Good Bartender

“Hey there! How ya doin’? What can I get for ya?”  This simple opening line separates the great bartenders from the good bartenders. It helps determine whether you are getting a great tip or a good tip. It also lays the footwork for a repeat customer who loves the great service. It is my philosophy […]

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Cake Recipes

The Joy of FriendshipBest friends deserve your best desserts.But what if they’re arriving in just 15 minutes? No problem! surprise them with this everyday sweet snack that takes just minutes to prepare but tastes like your spent hours in the kitchen. Start with a Sara Lee All Butter Pound Cake Classic Strawberry Shortcake Ingredients:1 cup […]

Chai History and Information

Chai is a spicy-sweet milky tea beverage extremely popular in India. This centuries old beverage has been discovered by western nations and they are making it their own. Masala chai began as an ancient Hindu natural healing method, for the practice of ayurveda which uses herbs, spices and sweeteners to heal the body. Masala chai […]

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