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Home Made Soup Leftover Soup Leftovers Soup Cheap Soup

These are my quickest, easiest, but more importantly, most successful leftover soup recipes. Leftover chicken recipe This very simple soup is surprisingly yummy. It has been a family favourite for years. I have also added leftover cooked peas or beans at the end and found it to be successful. Ingredients: Carcass of leftover roast chicken, stuffing […]

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Olive and tomato salad

Victims of deliciousness, beware! This salad is dangerously tasty: 1 jar whole black pitted olives, drained3 Roma tomatoes5 hearts of Romaine1 block of fresh Parmesan cheese1/2 loaf of fresh French bread1 package white button mushrooms3 cloves garlicpepperoncinis (1 per person eating salad)Italian dressing (Olive Garden brand tastes particularly good with this)freshly cracked black pepperolive oilbutter […]

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Fried chicken wings

A few important basics things need to be considered when frying chicken wings. First, make sure your oil is very hot. This is important because it will keep your wings from absorbing too much grease as they cook. Second, make sure to eliminate as much moisture as possible from your wings before you place them […]

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Healthy mango chicken salad

Mango chicken salad is sweet and healthy to have as is or on bread to make a sandwich. It is loaded with plenty of fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein, which are excellent for keeping the body healthy and strong. It is perfect to have lunch or as a light dinner on a hot summery night. […]

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Hearty winter warmer soups.

There is something magical about waking up the morning of the first snowfall of winter. But the bone-chilling weather that comes with this beauty calls for hearty hot meals, and hearty soups are a great choice to help keep you warm. Here are three basic soup recipes that you can personalize, if you wish, by […]

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Chicken adobo

Chicken adobo served with steamed rice has become one of my favorite meals. My husband has been a huge fan for much longer, since he came from a Filipino family. We had a favorite restaurant where we lived after we were married called The Galley. Every time we went there we would get two lumpia […]

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Healthy and delicious soups packed with flavour

There is nothing more comforting than a bowl of soup. It warms you up inside and makes you feel content. On that rainy, wet day or when you’re feeling low, isn’t it amazing how a bowl of soup can make everything somehow seem better. But sometimes soup can get boring. You want a soup that […]

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A cool salad to eat on hot days

Have you ever had one of those summer days when you felt it was just too hot to eat? You know that you need to eat, and it should be something other than ice cream, but you can’t face the thought of cooking. Instead of making a hot meal, a nutritious and refreshing chicken and […]

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Easy Chinese chicken stir-fry

Stir fries are so easy to make and very healthy, as the vegetables are not “cooked to death.” You can start this one with cooking thin strips of raw chicken at first, or you can add leftover cooked chicken towards the end of the process. I prefer to use fresh, raw chicken in this recipe. […]

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A great salad with sweet potato

Most people are familiar with potato salads, but not with sweet potato salads. According to Center for Science in the Public Interest, (CSPI), sweet potato ranks first in nutrition of vegetables. Rich in dietary fiber, complex carbohydrates, Vitamins A and C,  protein, iron, potassium, folate, sodium and calcium, sweet potatoes are essential for a healthy diet, […]

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