Decaffeinated Instant Coffee

Those who read my reviews regularly probably know that I am a coffee addict. I am lucky that I have low blood pressure so I can drink it without having a very high blood pressure. My highest is still normal.

Anyway the other day I went to Sainsbury’s and I found that Carte Noire instant coffee was on offer. There was such a big -25% label there that I haven’t noticed that this coffee doesn’t contain caffeine.

I drink coffee because I would like to be able to stay awake with my very active kids. So I went home happily that I solved a problem: how to prepare myself coffee without waking up my light sleeping sons by turning on the 15 bar pressure espresso maker. So I was really happy until the moment I discovered the little label on it saying decaffeinated.

I prepared myself a coffee anyway and I was smiling because it came into my mind that my mother wanted to surprise us for Christmas and she bought about 5 different types of beer. We like beer very much. We don’t drink much but we like to try out all the brands available. So she bought 5 different types of beer but all of them were alcohol free. It was a very sober Christmas.

Back to coffee: It is a very delicious coffee if you don’t want to compare it to an espresso. I think an instant coffee can never be as good as a freshly prepared espresso (especially if it is served in a porcelain cup). So I never compare a cappuccino or an instant coffee to a freshly prepared espresso or cappuccino made from coffee with milk.

I found that you cannot make really strong coffee out of instant coffee without getting a very bitter taste. I know that the strong coffee doesn’t have any sense in case of decaffeinated coffee but this one can be bitter as well. So I put a big cup of water to boil then I add the sugar, milk powder and only one teaspoon of instant coffee. I stir it well then I taste it. If I can feel the taste of water I add another half teaspoon of coffee and stir it well again.

The coffee comes in a transparent glass bottle which is covered with black foil. The foil in the top is green a little bit so this is the main sign of talking about decaffeinated coffee. There is a big Carte Noire logo on it.

What I like in this coffee is that it is made of Arabica coffee beans which are better than the robusta coffee in several aspects.

The granules are medium brown and melt very well in hot water. Your coffee will have similar colour to an espresso but its taste will never be as good as a real Italian espresso. You can buy it in most of the supermarkets. I bought a jar containing 100g of instant coffee for 3.17 pounds (-25%) in Sainsbury’s.

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