Diet Soft Drinks vs Water

These two are poles apart on the health spectrum. Water’s up at the top, and the diet soft drinks are at the very, very bottom. Diet soft drinks are an unnecessary evil. We don’t need to drink artificially-sweetened, fizzy, colored water which is, essentially, what diet soft drinks are. Diet soft drinks do little to help anyone’s diet: and someone thinking that they are on the right track to losing weight because they are drinking a diet soft drink might need to reconsider their approach.

If the body’s craving calories and you try to satisfy it with a diet soft drink then it’s probably still going to crave those calories, until it gets them by forcing you to eat something that’s going to negate all the good work you’ve done, or believe you’ve done, by drinking a diet soft drink. Furthermore, some soft drink studies have shown that diet drinks stimulate the appetite and, as such, are counter-productive, potentially resulting in the consumption of sugary, calorie-laden snacks. Diet soft drinks are also responsible for the way in which children’s diets have changed over the years – for the worse: in 1977-78 boys consumed more than twice as much milk as soft drinks; by 1994-96 boys consumed twice as much soda pop as milk.

Everything about diet soft drinks is unnatural. Not only in their content but in the way they can fool someone into believing that they’re looking after their health by drinking a soft drink that contains no calories.

Water, on the other hand, is quite a different story. The body needs water to survive: its organs rely on water to keep them working efficiently. While there’s debate as to whether someone needs to drink two liters of water a day, we all should drink at least some! Water flushes out toxins from our body, which if left to accumulate can lead to headaches, tension, and aches and pains. Water’s also good for our gut, helping to ease constipation and IBS. There are many reasons to drink water.

However, it’s easy to say drink water and not diet soft drinks if you want to lose weight and look after your health. But some people find it difficult to break their “diet soft drink habit.” Their bodies may crave the sweet kick they get from those drinks. There are, however, a number of other beverages that can satisfy the urge for a sweet drink: natural fruit juice, for instance. A glass of orange juice will have more nutritional content than a diet soft drink, albeit with perhaps a few more calories, but it won’t be laced with chemicals. Or try making your own iced tea and sweeten it with honey before placing it in the fridge.

The best approach anyone can take to diet soft drinks (to any soft drinks, in fact) is to treat them like alcohol which, incidentally, in moderation is better for you than any soft drink! Limit your intake and consume every now and again. If you get a craving for something sweet then satisfy it. It’s far healthier to eat a couple of squares of good quality chocolate than to drink a can of artificially-sweetened, fizzy, colored water.


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