Eggs Fresh

One egg looks like the other from the outside, so how to be sure which one is fresh and which one should be put in the bin so that you won‘t get salmonella poisoning, a disease you shouldn‘t take lightly, it may give you diarrhoea or constipation, headaches, stomach cramps, nausea, fever and/or blood in the faeces.

If possible you should buy your eggs at a farmer’s market where you know that the farmer has taken them out of the hens’ nests in the morning before coming to the market. If that isn’t possible, buy eggs on which the date of delivery is stamped. Fresh eggs can be kept for up to eighteen days at room temperature because they still have their own antibodies against germs, after this period they should be put in the fridge. A desert like the Italian speciality Tiramisu for which you use raw eggs shouldn’t be prepared with eggs older than eighteen days. The dish should be put in the fridge at once and only for up to 24 hours.

Of course, fresh eggs can also be put directly in the fridge, if you do this, they can be considered edible for up to 28 days. After this period eggs should never be used raw, only boiled or fried or as an ingredient in a cake, this can be done for another two weeks.

People with low immunity and small children should never eat raw eggs, fresh or not.

If you aren’t sure how old an egg is, you can test it in a glass of water into which you’ve put a teaspoon full of salt. The older the egg, the bigger the air chamber in it as water evaporates through the shell with time.

– Fresh eggs sink to the bottom and stay there.

– An egg which is some days old raises its tip slightly.

– A two- to three-week-old egg floats vertically in the glass, it should be eaten at once.

– An egg that swims freely in the glass the tip pointing to the bottom is about two months old, it should be thrown away.

Another method is to break the egg, pour the content on a plate and look at it intently. With a fresh egg the yolk and the egg white are noticeably convex. With age the yolk becomes flatter, the egg white spreads all over the plate and later both yolk and egg white mix, a sure sign that the egg isn’t edible any more.

Rotten eggs don’t necessarily have to end in the bin, maybe there’s a manifestation in your town organised by your political opponents. Go and express your opinion in a fresh way! The rotten eggs may be a change from the habitual tomatoes.

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