Eggs the Perfect Diet Food

Eggs have been consumed by many over the globe for a long period of time. However, over the years, the consumption of eggs has gotten conflicting reports from different bodies in regards to nutritional value and safety. At one point, it was revealed that they raise LDL cholesterol. However, in recent times the American Heart Association (AMA) revised their recommendations due to a Harvard study. It revealed that there was no risk for those who consumed at least four eggs per week compared to a group that did not consume same. Also, for those who are afraid of salmonella bacteria, they should be at ease to know that with the proper handling, it can be eliminated. Of course, one should use commonsense and do not consume raw eggs.

Another Harvard University study has revealed that the consumption of eggs prevent the risk of blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular diseases that are rampant in the population. Moreover, eggs reduce inflammation in the body, thus, adding years to one’s life. Studies have revealed that only a very small amount of cholesterol is absorbed by the large intestine. As a result, it is evident that eggs are extremely good for heart health. The presence of Vitamin D assists in the area of calcium for the body. Hence, eggs promotes strong bones and teeth health.

For many householders, the consumption of eggs is wide spread. Eggs are essential for baking, and the preparation of many sweet and savory dishes in the restaurant service industry and the many kitchens in America. They are versatile and can be used for a meal anytime of the day or year. During the Easter period, children get involved with the coloring and decoration of these products. And, they also indulge in games (Easter hunt) where they hide and search for this precious goods.

The fact is, eggs are the perfect diet food for anyone who is seeking a balanced meal. One egg contains six (6) grams of high quality protein along with other many beneficial vitamins and minerals. They contain very low saturated fats and are packed with the highest quality protein that help in the building and repairing of musle tissues. Eggs are loaded with over 13 essential nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals. In addtional, they promote healthy hair growth because of the sulphur and B12 vitamin. There has been concern about the consumption of the yolk. For those who are worried about their cholesterol, perhaps they should eliminate the yolk sometimes and stick to the egg whites. However, the yolk aids in the protection of brain and heart health for pregnant and nursing women.

Eggs are excellent source of B vitamins choline. Choline is beneficial for memory and/or brain functions. It is also very important to pregnant women in the development of memory and brain function in the fetus. In addtion, it is also great for the nursing mother. Moreover, choline assists in the protection of blood vessels, thus, preventing blood clots. Unfortunately, many Americans are deficient in this very vital ingredient. As a result, it will definately cause havoc in the missing of this nutrient in one’s dietary plan.

Eggs contain a very essential ingredient called lutein from the cartenoid family. This is responsible for good eye health. In addtition, lutein protects against cataracts and macular degeneration, which is the main cause of blindness especially in the elderly population.

Studies have shown that eggs lowers the risk of breast cancer in women. A study revealed that a group of women who ate an egg per day was able to lower the risk of this cancer. This is basically due to the presence of the highest quality protein, amino-acids and the many essential vitamins (A/E/D) and minerals. Moreover, statistics have revealed that teen girls who include egg dishes in their diets at an early age tend to lower the risk of breast cancer later on in their lives.

The inclusion of eggs in a dietary plan provides versitility as these can be consumed at any meal of the day. A breakfast that contains eggs will provide great satisfaction for much of the day. For instance, a breakfast consisting of a spinach, onions, and tomato omelet would keep one satiated for a good while. Another option would be poached eggs that of course is cooked with oil or any type of fat, along with whole wheat toast. As a result, one is less likely to overeat throughout the day at lunch or dinner. The consumption of fewer calories allows one to manage their weight considerably. Therefore, it is the ideal diet food for many who are counting calories. Another way to include eggs in a daily dietary plan is to make a quiche with a green salad for lunch or light supper. Also, another egg dish one could have for lunch or supper is an egg salad along with cucumber slices.

In these challenging times, the consumption of eggs is an ideal economic choice as it fits into any household budget. For a huge family with several children who is desperately trying to put food on the table for everyone, the inclusion of eggs is the perfect food choice. No doubt, each member would benefit greatly due the many nutrients in the form of protein, vitamins, minerals and amino-acids included in this “miracle” product. Moreover, if one is monitoring their cholesterol, they should have no fear in consuming this very perfect diet food as they will certainly gain the essential nutrients necessary .

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