Favorite Bbq Recipes

BBq’s are the pinicle of outdoor eating, most people believe that you can only do chicken, burgers and may be a few sausages on the bbq, and then you have the more adventures amoung us who will venture to if it fits on the bbq i’ll cook it.
I remember moving into this house and having no gas supply to use the stove, i came up with some of the most inventive ways of cooking things, ways that have been used before historicly but have be lost as society wants ever fast ways of doing things, with the least time spent in the kitchen.
I cooked kippers in a jug of hot water covered with foil, poached eggs in a kettle, and bought my self a cheap bbq, to which i cooked steaks, lobster, baked potatoes, choco babananas, roast garlic pumpkin and many more recipes beside.
So be adventurous, take a chance, wrap it in foil, paint it with oil and throw it on the bbq.

Take four bananas, split open down one side, stuff three small blocks of chocolate in each, 1 tsp butter, 1 tsp brown sugar, and 1 tsp rum in each, wrap in foil and toss on the bbq, check and when the sauce has melted inside serve with cream and enjoy.

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