How Carbonated Beverages Lead to Heart Disease

Carbonated beverages have been linked to heart disease. Research has shown that drinking more than one soft drink a day could increase the factors that lead to heart disease.

With the consumption of one or more soft drinks daily the consumer has an increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome. What is metabolic syndrome? This is a cardiovascular disease, diabetes risk, excess waist circumference, high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, low levels of high-density lipoprotein, and fasting glucose levels. If a person has a presence of three or more of these factors they are at risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

The American Heart Association conducted a study which included 6,000 healthy people.  After four years follow ups were done. The findings were whether drinking diet or regular soft drinks, these people had more than 50 percent greater risk of developing metabolic syndrome.

In their study researchers made the comparison of those who drank less than one soft drink daily, with those drinking one or more soft drinks a day and came up with the following results:

Thirty-one percent were determined to be considered at greater risk of developing new onset of obesity. This is known as body mass index (BME) of 30 kilograms/meter 20 or more. Increase in waist circumference by 30 percent, Also a risk of developing high blood triglycerides or fasting blood glucose by 25 percent,. Studies didn’t show any trends towards developing high blood pressure.

What the researchers determined is that the results seamed to go back to the use of fructose corn syrup in regular soft drinks for the weight gain. This can lead to insulin resistance which will result in diabetes. When doing this research it was found that by drinking high sweetened diet and regular soft drinks, a person is more likely to eat more. This in turn will lead to a person eating more sweet things.

Your behavior is what causes obesity, this behavior is set with your drinking and eating habits. For a healthier life style, don’t let yourself become obese, use good common sense when it comes to your health. Get plenty of exercise, drink lots of water, and develop good healthy eating habits. By doing this you will find it a treat to enjoy a soft drink of your choice without worrying about developing any unhealthy condition that could be damaging to your life. Start today by decreasing your intake of soft drinks.

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