How to Brew French Press Coffee

The French Press, or Coffee Plunger, is one of the best ways to brew coffee. It enhances the flavor of the beans, and is very easy to use.

It is essential that you have the right coffee for the French Press. While any style of coffee will do, a medium roast is preferable – though this depends on taste. The beans must be coarsely ground, so as not to escape through the filter. Freshly ground beans will give the fullest flavor, but if that is not possible, ensure that you store the ground beans in a cool, dark area in an airtight container, to preserve the maximum amount of flavor.

First, boil the water. When the water has boiled, scoop the coarsely ground coffee beans into the press. Depending on the strength desired, use the ratio One Tablespoon per person. I prefer my coffee strong, so I use One heaped Tablespoon per person, and one for the pot. When the coffee grounds has been placed in the pot, pour the water in. You may wish to measure it out using the intended cups, adding an extra splash of water, or you may pour directly into the pot. With the water in the pot, stir to ensure all grounds have been covered with water, then place the mesh filter and lid on top. Be careful not to push down yet.

Allow the coffee to brew for 4-7 minutes. For a weaker cup, a shorter amount of brewing time is needed. For a stronger cup, leave it longer. As a general rule of thumb, if you cannot press the plunger down with your index finger, the coffee has not brewed sufficiently. While the coffee is brewing, pour some of the left over boiled water in the cups which are to be used. This will warm the cups up, and take the chill off the milk, if milk is to be used.

When the coffee has brewed for a sufficient amount of time, press the plunger down slowly, ensuring that it stays straight to ensure that no grounds escape from below the filter. Discard the water in the cups, and pour in milk if desired. Pour coffee into the cups, and enjoy.

For the best cup of coffee, follow these instructions:

Take at least one good friend (multiple friends can be used, depending on the situation). Follow instructions above to make the coffee. While coffee is brewing, enjoy pleasant conversation. Once coffee is brewed, pour and enjoy over deep conversation. If conversation continues once coffee has been finished, repeat steps for making coffee, and continue the conversation.

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