Natural Remedies – Getting Rid of Your Cough

Do you suffer from chronic cough? Perhaps you have recently had the flu, but the cough just will not go away? Here’s why you should never use chemical syrup from the pharmacy against cough – something that everyone should know. You will also find the top natural cough remedies you can make on your own, at home, and very easily. So get rid of that annoying cough today!

Why you should NOT use chemical cough syrup

In fact, coughing is good for your organism as it is an efficient way for your body to cleanse your lungs from foreign objects and phlegm. If you stop coughing, you risk damaging the natural defense mechanisms of your body. So the best way to get rid of your cough are natural cough remedies – that help your body to spit everything it needs to. It is only then that you really get rid of your cough.

Chemical cough syrup  will certainly stop from coughing and your body will be “stuck” with all that dirt, he is trying to take out. This is just a matter of time until you start coughing again.

Here are the three best natural remedies against cough. It is easy and powerful:

Natural remedies

1. Thyme leaves and honey are among the best natural cough remedies

Thyme leaves and honey. The combination of honey and thyme creates one of the best natural cough remedies. This allows to heal in particular cough caused by a throat infection. Thyme also strengthens the immune system and so we get two major benefits of a product. Just mix 10 fresh thyme leaves in a half cup of honey (I always recommend organic honey) and wait a few hours. You can have 2 tablespoons of honey (without leaves) per day. You can also add hot water and drink the herbal tea.

2. Oregano Tea – Oregano leaves are a natural cough remedy

Oregano Tea – Another winner for natural remedies for the cough. Oregano leaves contain a substance called “thymol”. This material is useful for killing bacteria. It also helps to release the accumulated phlegm dry cough and turn to “wet” and productive cough. Brew 1-2 tablespoons fresh oregano leaves in boiling water for 10 minutes, let cool and drink. You can do this twice a day.

3.  Nutrition – the most powerful Natural cough remedies

Nutrition – to avoid these foods can significantly reduce the amount you produce phlegm and reduce your cough. This is one of Remedies … Do you suffer from chronic cough?. These are the foods you should try to avoid as much as possible: dairy cow, peanuts and cereal products, citrus, banana, white sugar and white flour. I know what you’re thinking now: What is there left to eat? It is difficult to avoid all these foods, but at least try to reduce the quantities. When you are hungry and plan your next sandwich, be sure to have the whole wheat bread instead of white bread is already one of your natural remedies cough …. Even small changes make a difference.

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