Home Cures for Bacterial Vaginosis to Prevent Infection

Many home cures for bacterial vaginosis are available through which one can easily prevent the causes of infection as well as treat the infection in a safer way. Home remedies are suggested as the best aids to cure the vaginosis and to prevent the painful symptoms like itching, inflammation etc.

A female, who is suffering from bacterial vaginosis can use boric acid douche, which is a perfect alternative to acidify the vaginal pH. This can prevent the unwanted bacteria from vagina and destroy the bacteria available in vaginal region. However, many women are sensitive for using boric acid douche therefore they can use summer’s eve medicated douche containing potassium iodide. In addition, a vinegar douche can be used by mixing a tablespoon of vinegar in per quarter of warm water.

Second treatment, which is counted under the home cures for bacterial vaginosis, is using beta din and gentian violet. Beta din is an effective antiseptic solution of iodine, which can be used for treating vaginal infection. However, this is not suitable for a female, who is pregnant. Gentian violet is an antifungal soil, which helps in treating the infection. Both of these are effective in curing causes and signs of infection, but the drawback of these elements is that both of them are chaotic and leaves dirt spots.

The surrounding homeopathy comes here too, to save from infection. There are many medicines available for the treatment of infection having two common ingredients – pulsatilla and sepia. To handle some individual cases, specific treatments could also be designed. If itching and inflammation makes the condition miserable then you can place a cold washed cloth on the vaginal area. This makes the blood vessels to contract and reduces the redness and swelling around vagina. This remedy for BV offers a safe, effective and cheap option for the treatment.

A simple but effective way of treating the bacterial vaginosis is taking a warm bath. An ordinary warm bath or low sit bath can soothe the irritated genital tissues. Soap should not be used as it leaches out the moisture of vagina that works as body’s natural lipid barrier to prevent the entrance of bacteria. One who is suffering from vaginal infection should avoid foods like cheese, alcohol, chocolate, soya sauce, vinegar, fruits, fragmented foods and those containing molds like blue cheese. These are responsible for the formation of yeast organisms.

One should start having an intake of foods that are rich in anti oxidants. Vitamins like A, C, D, E and B complex helps in curing infections of vagina. Contemporary applications of creams and powered capsules prepared with Vitamin E relieves from itching and burning effects. A most common among home cures for bacterial vaginosis is yogurt. Yogurt helps in restoring the acidic balance of vagina.

One can take it either orally or directly apply it on vagina. One can eat yogurt twice a day and get rid of vaginal infection and tampons can be soaked in yogurt before applying them on vagina. All these methods are few of the home cures for BV, which are effective in preventing the causes, and signs of vaginal infection and other problems related with vagina.

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