Tonsil Stones and Chinese Herbal Treatment: The Natural Cure

Tonsil stones or tonsilloliths are small firm mass that can be found over the back of the throat. These are formed after several attacks of tonsillitis. Pain in the throat, malaise, fever and bad breath are the primary signs and symptoms of tonsil stones. In fact, tonsil stone is the one of the main causes of bad breath, medically termed as halitosis. At present, Chinese herbal treatment is the only successful non-surgical solution for this condition.

Tonsil stones are formed inside the crypts of tonsils, present on either side of throat. They act as the first line of defense against any kind of invading bacteria or virus that comes from the environment through air or food. Tonsils are the part of our immune system. As the organism passes through tonsil, it is captured and lymphocytes are released. In turn, lymphocytes kill the organism. This procedure gives rise to inflammation of the tonsils producing sore throat and flu like symptoms. With each episode of tonsillitis, dead tonsillar cells and killed organisms pile up inside the tissues. This is the time when some chemical substances like calcium and magnesium come into play. They combine with the dead cells and form a solid mass which can be palpated over the tonsillar tissues as tonsil stones. Consecutively, the core of the mass undergoes putrefaction with the presence of sulfur producing bacteria, releasing gases like methyl mercaptan and hydrogen sulfide. Presence of these gases leads to foul smelling breath.

Definitive treatment available for tonsil stones is either surgical removal of the stone with or without tonsillectomy and Chinese herbal treatment. Nasal drops, cough suppressants and nasal sprays are useless to get rid of tonsil stone. These medicines do not address the root cause of the disease and the foul smell will return as we discontinue the medication.

Chinese herbal treatment is the only effective non-surgical solution at present for successful eradication of tonsil stone. Chinese traditional system of herbal medicines has a prolong history in effectively managing different types of chronic and complicated medical conditions. Its three step simple way to complete and permanent cure from the tonsil stone is effective because it eliminates the root of the disease. No complicated medicines, no diet restrictions and complete absence of any surgical intervention are making Chinese herbal treatment for removal of tonsil stones popular day by day.

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