Symptoms of A Yeast Infection

Yeast infections also known as candidaisis can affect anyone male or female of any age. While a sufferer can show some of the symptoms listed below, it is important to note that not everyone will show any symptoms. It is also important to take steps to cure it once discovered because while a yeast infection will not lead to a serious health issue, it can worsen the general health condition in an individual with a compromised immune system due to diabetes, AIDS or HIV, etc, which can prove fatal.

5 General Symptoms

1. Itching is one of the most common symptoms of a vaginal infection like blue waffles infection. Yeast infections commonly occur in areas that would be hard to scratch or that would hurt to scratch such as the mouth or the vagina.  In addition, skin that is affected by yeast infections will have red rashes, which may be more pronounced on skin patches that have hair growing on them.

2. The body part may also burn or feel sore to the touch which may not necessarily lead to blisters or even cause itchiness. The body part can also feel tingly or numb.

3. Sensitivity to certain chemicals is also another of the symptoms of a yeast infection. Triggers of this sensitivity include antibiotic formulas, sugar, refined carbohydrates (“white” foods such as white rice, white flour, etc), as well as yeast.

4. Many sufferers have also reported physical coordination problems as well as mental issues. If your physical balance or your gait changes, it may be a symptom of a yeast infection. Sufferers cannot focus on tasks, and become lazy through no fault of their own. They may also have mood swings as well as heightened negative emotions.

5. Women suffering from a vaginal yeast infection may report a white or whitish discharge. You may also notice a white or whitish mucous like discharge in the stool. With an oral yeast infection, there may be white or whitish patches in the mouth going far back in the mouth. This discharge or patches will have the consistency and smell of bread or cottage cheese, and may also smell like beer.

5 Specific Symptoms

1. When a yeast infection affects the digestive system you may experience bloating in the stomach and become constipated or you may suffer from diarrhea or abdominal cramps (or both). Bowel movement may not be spared either as symptoms of yeast infections in this area may cause irritable bowel syndrome.

2. Women are the main victims of genitourinary candidiasis although some men also suffer from this not just though sex. If sexual intercourse occurs, it will painful and urination will become more urgent for those with a yeast infection. Menstrual cycles will also be heightened in women while men may suffer from prostatitis.

3. Another of the symptoms of oral candidiasis is dryness in the mouth with cracks noted on the tongue as well as bleeding gums. Fissures may also appear at the corners of the mouth and swallowing may become difficult or painful.

4. Respiratory candidiasis may produce persistent coughing, wheezing, or shortness of breath as well as the chest constantly tightening or in pain.

5. Yeast infections can also lead to chronic inflammation and irritation of the eye and the conjunctivae (the mucous which covers the white area of the eye). The retina (the nerve-ended part which captures images for the brain) may then have to defend itself against yeast infections by collecting pus inside an inflamed tissue pocket which may permanently damage the sufferer’s eyesight.

The above are a few symptoms of a yeast infection although as mentioned previously, a sufferer may not suffer any symptoms at all. In addition, some of these symptoms can be indicators of another condition and not a yeast infection. Only a doctor will be able to tell you conclusively if you have a yeast infection whether you have symptoms or not. If a yeast infection is identified, do take the next step to cure a yeast infection, because leaving it unchecked can lead to other more serious health conditions.

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